Which airport to choose?

The major airport for traveling in northern Italy (Venice, Lake of Garda, Piedmont) is Milan.

The major airport for traveling in southern Italy (Rome, Amalfi/Capri, Naples) is Rome.

The closest airports for traveling to Cinque Terre and Tuscany are Pisa, Genoa and then Florence.


Given this, if you plan to visit other parts of Italy you may want to book flights into/out of Rome or Milan. If you book your ticket into ROMA or MILANO, it can take 3.5 to 4 hours by train or by car to get to the Cinque Terre.
If you’re planning to make stops between either of these cities and the Cinque Terre, it makes sense to fly in and out of these airports.

On choosing Cinque Terre consider to book your rental well in advance. The area has very a few hotels and all the accommodation is provided through private rooms, apartments and villas and sea views or air conditioned properties are the first to go!


  • PISA

    There is a shuttle train at the airport that takes you from Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale. It's name is People Mover. From Pisa Centrale, there are trains that take you to the Cinque Terre, with a stop in La Spezia Centrale. For train schedules, go to (Approx. Travel Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes.). By car the highway is good and easy to drive on.


    There is a shuttle bus at the airport that takes you from Genoa Airport to the Genoa Principe train station. From Genoa Principe train station, try choosing a direct train to the Cinque Terre villages. For train schedules, go to Approx. Travel Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes If you drive consider that despite short distances from Genoa the highway running along the coastline is narrow, full of tunnels and with frequent work in progress.


    Florence is a bit farther than Pisa and Genoa and rarely you get train connection without changes. By car the highway is good and easy to drive on.


    you can shop 'til you drop but we suggest getting out quickly! Milan Malpensa is served by a train Malpensa Express which connect the airport to Milano Centre By car, from Milan Malpensa, you can easily reach the Lake of Garda, Lake of Como, Lake Orta You can also drive to Venice, too, but expect then about a 5-6 hour transfer from the Laguna to the Cinque Terre after seeing Venice. Better going by train from Milan to Venice and then hiring a private driver down to the Cinque Terre. We might help you planning a lovely "foodie" stop-over in Bologna on your way! Or else, if you are a wine and food lover and you're not interested in Tuscany, the great mecca for you is Piedmont, home of Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera and some of the most amazing food in Italy. It lies just north of the Cinque Terre region, in northwestern Italy. So getting then to the Cinque Terre is quite easy.


    Milan Linate is the second airpot of the shopping topwn and it's really close to the traoin station Milano Cnetrale, just 6 km. A simple taxi ride could take you thare to catch the forts train. to the Cinque Terre. Many trains from Milano Centrale stop in Monterosso without changes. From there you can get a regional train to reach one of the other 4 villages if you have booked your property for rental there.

  • ROME

    You'll have the opportunity to spend at least a few days in Rome. Or you can take a train to Naples and visit Pompei and the Amalfi coast. If you are a nature and art lover you can choose Umbria, a beautiful region, almost like Tuscany, but lesser known. It is wonderful for wine and olive oil tasting. After landing in Rome you can also spend a few nights in Tuscany and its villages. Best place for shopping Italian fashion brands. From Tuscany, it's easy to get to the Cinque Terre. If you travel by train consider a long distance trip, more than 4 hours. There's a train connecting Fiumicino airport to major train stations.

Tip #1

Even if you are heading to the Cinque Terre, keep in mind that the largest and closest city to the Cinque Terre is called LA SPEZIA.

As you research train schedules or highway driving directions, it might be that your search engines or the website does not recognize your apartment address, try inputting LA SPEZIA as your destination location.

If you travel by car please, read carefully our info regarding Cinque Terre car parking areas.


Tip #3

If plan to rent a car consider that car parking in the Cinque Terre are far from the village centers and very seldom properties for rental have private car parking spots. 
Moreover drop off stations are not to be found in any of the villages. Closest drop stations are in La Spezia and far from the train station. Much better traveling by train or hiring a private car transfer service.

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