Cinque Terre Riviera Guidebook.
the local guide
to discover the land between sea and sky

Tired of second hand info?

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An unconventional, not yet written way to visit the Cinque Terre

Are you a Nature lover? You never get tired of discovering new trails and spots? 

Do you like the charme of antique hamlets, history and traditions? 

Do you love simple and healthy tastes in food? 

Do you love to live unique experiences among the vineyards with unusual ways of picking grapes? 

Do you love wine?

The five villages of the Cinque Terre are the perfect destination for you

5 lovely hamlets lined up un the Ligurian Coastline 

that  goes from Portovenere to Levanto




They share common features, but differ a lot. You may like the liveliness of Riomaggiore or you may prefer the quietness of Corniglia, the cliffs to dive from of Manarola or may, instead love the sceneries of iconic Vernazza or else the long beaches of Monterosso. But anyone will love the Cinque Terre in in their integrity. A full immersion in herbs perfumes, crystal clear waters and long lasting traditions. So what are you waiting for to book your stay and create your life experience right now?

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Our Heroic Grapes Cultivation is the Keyword of the Region

Our Vineyards and the heroic way of cultivating the harsh land of the Cinque Terre are the most representative image of our land and villagers character. 

Difficulties made our people  strong and defiant and if sometimes we look too grumpy and not talkative the reason lies in the asperity of the land since the ancient times. But in the end we are generous and welcoming. Trust us!

Live the Cinque Terre Lifestyle
Fill your heart with memorable experiences

You'll never get tired of

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