Where to park in the Cinque Terre

Where to park in the Cinque Terre

Getting to the Cinque Terre by car…

Unless you’re on an Italy road trip or you’re a very skilled driver and your travel partners do not get car sick, well, we do not suggest taking this adventure!

Honestly the roads to get to the 5 Terre are absolutely breathtaking, a fun drive. They are a way for you to discover more of the landscape with its terraced vineyards that climb from the sea and some interesting small villages. Anyway these roads can get really tough, all cars are forbidden to enter the towns and, if you’re lucky enough to find a spot in a parking area, the fares aren’t exactly cheap. So, if you do decide to arrive by car, you need to know where to park in Cinque Terre.  You’ll find that parking areas are outside of the towns and require some uphill walking from town to get to; be ready for a walk with your luggage. Free parking is only available further outside the villages. You can still evaluate to reach the area by train.

The Cinque Terre Riviera

But if car is definitely your choice consider that, once you’ve settled in, moving from one village to the other will be so easy: it takes just a few minutes to move by train between towns, whether you’re going from Manarola to Corniglia or from Corniglia to Vernazza or Monterosso.A simple alternative if you have a car is to use the La Spezia train station parking area or the Levanto train station parking area.

Both towns have a highway exit, and train stations at these towns are quite easy to reach.
Parking rates are slightly better.  Again, the best way to visit the Cinque Terre towns is using trains or ferries.

In Italy, the color of the lines on the parking space indicates the type of parking: white is for free parking, blue is for paid parking. When you park, be sure that you do not park in areas reserved for residents (signed in yellow). (Check the signs designating certain areas for resident only parking.)



Of all the Cinque Terre villages, Monterosso has a parking area that’s the closest to the center of town.

There are two parking areas in Monterosso, so depending on which part of the village you’ll be staying in, Fegina (new side) and Loreto (old side), choose one or the other for parking.
The new side and the old side are really very close to each other, but since the center of town is traffic free, to get from one side to the other, you’ll find yourself driving up and around the town (uphill) to get from one side to the other.

Parking Loreto (old village) (arrival point for access to the historical center of the town). The parking lot is newly built and open all the year.
Daily rates to be updated
Parking Fegina (new side) is open during the tourist season (from March to October). Daily rates to be updated




Together with Corniglia, Vernazza is one of the more isolated villages in the Cinque Terre – not so easy to reach them by car. You need to be an expert driver.
The parking areas for non-residents is about 1 KM above town. 

The last part of the road to get to Vernazza is narrow and goes downhill . We suggest taking it slowly since two cars can barely fit at same time.

There are now 2 car parkings available. you will meet them along the road that takes down to Vernazza village. Both of them during day time offer shuttle service to the village.

First Vernazza car parking area

Access to Vernassoa Car parking (you will notice it by the flags) – Better reserving in advance during high season and week-ends. Phone no. +393484432040 – Shuttle service working from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Second Vernazza car parking area

No vacation rentals or hotels in Vernazza offer parking spots. Barely residents have some spots for their own and most of the resident do not even own a car!

Cars are completely forbidden in the village; even vans making deliveries to the village have just a 1-hour early morning window to get in and out of Vernazza.





Together with Vernazza, Corniglia is one of the more isolated villages, not so easy to reach by car.
Corniglia’s parking area is 20-25 km from La Spezia highway exit.
Access to the village centre by car is reserved for residents only or for loading and unloading deliveries
That being said, in Corniglia, there’s a useful area at the entrance of the village, where residents and villagers can temporarily park their cars and stay for 30 minutes, so that they can take their baggage to their booked property and then return the car to public parking afterwards.

The public car parking areas are all along the road taking to the village

In the high season a booth with assistant  during day time provides info for parking cars and rates.

In case you do not want to drive to Corniglia remember you can still park your car in La Spezia and reach Corniglia by train.

During day time a shuttle bus serves the station to take passengers up to the the village main square

Ticket is included in . the Cinque Terre Card. If you do not own a Cinque Terre card you can still by the bus tickets at the train station +1.50 euros or on board (more expensive) +2.50 euros

Your holiday in Corniglia will be smooth and relaxing!



Like the above villages, Manarola is closed to car traffic.  That means no one (not even residents!) can enter the town with private cars, except for short periods for loading and unloading vehicles.
As you approach Manarola, it is possible to find FREE parking along the road, so, if you find a spot there, take it! BUT REALLY RARE!!!
When you arrive at Manarola, you’ll reach a traffic bar preventing you from going further down into the village.  On the right of the traffic bar, there is the paid parking.
Parking fees are around 15 Euros per day.
It’s not a big parking area, so spots are limited, especially during summer’s weekends.




From La Spezia highway exit, once in town, proceed along the seaside following the signs for Cinque Terre – Portovenere. At a certain point, these two directions will divide: you will proceed straight up the slope in the direction of Manarola-Riomaggiore. The last 12 km are a beautiful, panoramic road bringing you past Riomaggiore and then to Manarola. 
In Riomaggiore, as in Manarola, you will have to park outside the village, in a parking lot managed by the National Park. There is a shuttle service down to the centre of Riomaggiore.  

While approaching the village, in the last kilometre, you’ll find free parking spots on the side of the road.  

We suggest unloading the car at the entrance of Riomaggiore, by the parking entrance and going back to find a parking spot.  



Where to park in Cinque Terre – La Spezia


The Park Centro Stazione car park is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

It is the garage below La Spezia Centrale
The car parking daily rate is 25.00 euros so much more expensive that the fare of Vernazza car parking, for instance, but you would skip the worries of driving a dangerous road. You can even book your spot in advance at www.mobpark.it clicking on “park centro stazione”, but you need to know your car plate number.
The car park can be entered from Via Fiume (P-2) or from Via Paleocapa (P-1) without any difference in fees or time. From the highway exit, just follow the signs for the train station La Spezia Centrale.

There are also two other cheaper parking solutions in La Spezia


GPRS 44.107405  9.808188

Located not far from the train station, La Spezia Centrale, this area still offers white, free parking spots and a shuttle bus that takes to the station (DUE TO COVD EMERGENCY THE SHUTTLE SERVICE MIGHT NOT BE PROVIDED – IN THAT CASE YOU WILL HAVE TO WALK TO THE TRAIN STATON APPROX. 100 MT FLAT) . Well, actually the bus stops near the station. You better ask the driver the nearest bust stop for it.


GPRS 44.123381 9.840285

Some trains for the Cinque terre stop in Migliarina, secondary La Spezia train station.

So, please check on trenitalia.com this option and you might find a cheaper way to park your car and reach the Cinque Terre.

The car parking spots around Migliarina train station are at the moment still free of charge (please, check directly anyway)

La Spezia


You’ll find two parking area attached to the train station. The road from the highway exit to the village is a bit long but the train station is one of the first things you’ll see driving towards the town. Levanto is also a beautiful town, so parking there could give you the chance to visit it.


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