The largest of the Cinque Terre five villages, the one with the longest and widest beaches and the only one where beaches are equipped with sun umbrellas, lounge chairs and showers.

It was probably founded by the survivors of small Albereto hamlet (destroyed in the 7th Century by the Longobardi) who reunited around the Soviore Sanctuary. They later moved towards the sea in the 11th Century. The oldest document found is the one by Guido Obertenghi when granting some things to loco Monte Russo, dated 1056. Maybe, Monterosso was the last stronghold of the Obertenghi, it then passed to the Lagneto, Da Passano families from Genoa, then defeated by Pisa. After a temporary domination by the Luni Family, the town returned to the Repubblica of Genova. The three towers witness the many battles this town suffered. Today one of them is the Church bell-tower.