5 Terre Car Parking Areas & Tips

5 Terre Car Parking Areas & Tips

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Portovenere, Cinque Terre and the Islands are Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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What’s driving around the Cinque Terre

If you are a skilled driver and your partner does not get car sick…well, it’s fun!

But for all those  who do not want to take risks and prefer a smooth driving, this is a really tough area. Better going by train or renting a car with driver!

But if still you prefer reaching this Region by car please, find below all info and maps!

Cinque Terre Car Parking Areas

The 5 villages parking areas quickfacts


2 car parking areas in the village: Fegina (larger) and Loreto. Private porterage difficult to have. Remote locations can be reached by taxi.
When the 2 areas are full you have to park over the village and take a shuttle or walk.


2 small car parking areas 1200 mt over the village. one accepts reservations and provides shuttle van service till the entrance of the village. Private porterage available on the spot


Car parking spots before the entrance of the village. No shuttle service to the residential area. Just walk down (and up) rolling your suitcases.


2 car parking spots approx. 500 uphill from the entrance of the village (entirely pedestrian). No reservation accepted. Private porterage available on the spot


1 small parking area at the entrance of the village (uphill). Other parking payment spots along the road. You can reach first the traffic bar, unload your bags and then go back uphill looking for an available spot.

Other car parking solutions: La Spezia & Levanto

La Spezia

Several car parking solution for travellers to the Cinque Terre: La Spezia Stazione Centrale (30 € per day), La Spezia Stazione Migliarina (payment), Piazza d'Armi (free of charge), La Spezia Mirabello Port (15.00 € per day) , La Spezia Piazza Europa (15.00 € per day)


Several car parking areas (payment) all around the train station. Unload your bags and then go finding a car park spot.
It's easy!

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