Restaurants – oh là là! that’s the best part! | Cinque Terre Riviera

Restaurants – oh là là! that’s the best part!

Restaurants – oh là là! that’s the best part!

For the foodish person in you !

Quality and number of restaurants is high in the Cinque Terre villages. Most of them are family run business and located in small villages; any of them work and struggles to get and maintain a good reputation. So freely choose! You won’t be disappointed!

Our recipes are simple and natural, based on a long lasting tradition that has its fundamentals on the poor and healthy kitchen of our ancestors with small portions of land and limited resources.

Consider that some restaurants (but not all of them) serve food all they long, but normally stop service at night around 9:30 10:00 pm, since most of their staff resides out of the villages and depend on trains.

You can also find Dining and Shopping suggestions on our Tourist Guide 

Vernazza has lots of restaurants:

  • two restaurants perched on  the rocks offering amazing sea views Belforte and Al Castello.
  • amazing views restaurant La Torre at the beginning of the trail to Corniglia
  • family style Trattoria del Capitano in the main square and Il Baretto in the main street
  • gourmet restaurant Da Sandro near the train station
  • lovely Gambero Rosso and two pizzerias Baia Saracena by the pier and Vulnetia in the main square
  • typical Da Piva in one of the back streets
  • famous Gianni Franzi in the main square

and then so many in all the other villages, just to mention a few

And here a few hints for Monterosso:

Da MikiCiakIl PozzoDa Oscar, Da ElyTorre AuroraAncora della Tortuga and Altamarea  And Enoteca Internazionale, great place for tasting local wines and food. Plus pizzeria La Smorfia.

And in Corniglia

excellent Da Mananan and Da Cecio

Here just a few in Manarola:

sea view Dal Billy, top rate gourmet street food Cappun MagroAristide and Marina Piccola. And excellent for wines and focaccia, A Pie de Campu.

In Riomaggiore:

romantic and exquisite Rio Bistro, Dau Cila, Grotto and Grottino plus A Pie de Ma famous for its wine canteen and its views.

We’ll be happy to provide on arrival quick info on the best dishes and places for your lovely lunches and dinners in the area. So, do not be afraid to ask!

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