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Destination Weddings in the Cinque Terre

Destination Weddings in the Cinque Terre

Getting married in the CT? What a romance!

All you need to know. General Rules

Residency Requirement: None

Necessary Papers: for US couples – passports or armed forces ID cards, certified copies of birth certificates, proof of divorce or death certificate of former spouse/s (if applicable), declarations “atto notorio” sworn to by four people before an Italian consulate officer attesting that they know of no reason to object to the marriage under the laws of the couple’s home country, declaration sworn to by both parties that there are no obstacles to the marriage under U.S. law.

Other countries: please send you enquiries

Note: Certain documents must be translated into Italian with special “apostille” seals from the secretary of state from the state from which the documents originated. Additional requirements apply if one of the parties is an Italian citizen or resident of Italy. Requirements may vary by region and city. It is highly recommended that you work with a wedding planner to help you fulfill all requirements properly. A translator may be required to attend the wedding if neither the bride nor the groom speaks Italian. We can provide him/her.

For More Info: Italian consulate nearest you; the Italian Government Tourist Board Office, (212) 245-5618; the local . Embassy or Consulate in Italy.


We always suggest to contact own Embassy or Consulate and ask for updated and certified legal info for weddings abroad specifying you need to get married in Italy.

Our Suggestion

We always suggest our couples to have the official authentic civil right at home, at your local town hall, and then, to have a symbolic wedding here in the Cinque Terre absolutely cheaper and less stressful.

We can provide venues both for large and small parties, all with amazing views. Either you are just a couple or you’ll come with relatives and friends, we’ll be able to offer you a memorable service that will remain in the heart of all.

The Cinque Terre will be the perfect frame for your dreams!

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