WiFi – do not go to the 5 terre if good WIFI is a must | Cinque Terre Riviera

WiFi – do not go to the 5 terre if good WIFI is a must

WiFi – do not go to the 5 terre if good WIFI is a must

GOOD WIFI SERVICE: that’s a miracle! So be surprised if that happens!

Unfortunately the  phone companies in the area for several reasons, some joined to the territory morphology, do not provide an excellent INTERNET line.

So WIFI is often an issue in the Cinque Terre and some reviews, even the most enthusiastic and positive ones, mention disappointment for WIFI service provided (or not provided).

We do our best to offer the service, but we are not responsible for any failure! You are advised!

So we need to point out a few basic info on this argument.

Being the Cinque Terre a National Park with ancient buildings and reduced ways to add phone lines and repeaters (they would inevitably destroy the environment !). WIFI SERVICE IS INEVITABLY BAD OR LACKING.

Where possible, owners and property managers struggle to provide the best available service, but it must be clear to all the Cinque Terre Lovers and Travellers, who choose this destination to discover Nature and Landscapes, that they they cannot get, at the same time, CITY LIKE services. 

A lack in comfort and civilised (and stressful) services is the compromise to be paid to get as close as possible to Nature.

Most of the owners that offer complimentary WIFI to their guests, also struggle, everyday, to offer comfortable, clean and welcoming properties, most of the time with amazing views, and always with a personal and human touch and with high management costs (given the difficult area where properties are located). 

It is really frustrating for all of them knowing, at the end of their guests staying, that the only comment is on their wifi service or receiving bad reviews just for this.

To our customers we offer a free HOT SPOT. It works near Cinque Terre Riviera Office, in Vernazza. You can spot it under the name FREEwiMAN. This service is acceptable and well working 24/24 for all guests having Google or Facebook accounts and that’s what we can do to help our guests not staying disconnected when in the Cinque Terre. Please, consider has a limited duration of a few hours per visitor per day. So remember to log in and off during the day so that you do not extinguish all your daily credit.

Most of he pubs and restaurants also offer free wifi against purchase.

We hope, anyway, that a holiday in Vernazza and in all the other villages will not be spoiled by the lack of the internet. 

We would say that NO WIFI is a plus! Enjoy your holiday, have fun and relax! 

There’s so much out of the WEB and in your HEARTS to be explored!


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