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50 anni della Doc Cinque Terre: 1973-2023!

1973-2023: 50 years have passed since the foundation of Doc Cinque Terre and the birth of the Cantina Cinque Terre, unmissable events not to forget. Two are the types of Doc Cinque Terre wine: Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà, each one realized with different winemaking procedures which make it an exclusive quality. Unparalleled is…

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Finally the first part of the Via dell’Amore reopens in May!

After years of waiting, we are finally approaching the partial opening of the Via dell’Amore, scheduled for May of this year and the total opening for the summer of 2024!                        It’s a true open-air museum! Built-in 1920 for an extension of the railway line,…

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Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre

A selection of our videos for Winter Holidays in the Riviera

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Our Brand Our Vision

We Live on a Fragile World – Let’s Travel Sustainable The Cinque Terre, the National Park where we are blessed to live and work, is a fragile Land and the precise microcosmic image of our Globe.  We must be aware that each single action we daily take can make the difference on the path to…

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Sciacchetrail – the trail running master race

SCIACCHETRAIL, THE MOST EXCITING HIKING RACE We are getting close to the magical event of the year for the trail runners from all over the world! One of the most spectacular running races is about to happen on March 23rd, 2023 and we are looking forward to it! Waiting list closed for 2023! We will…

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The Cinque Terre Way of Life

5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE CINQUE TERRE A land made for Travelers…not Tourists! Traveling is not only moving from one place to another…traveling is knowledge, understanding, a way of adding values to our lives while visiting places with different languages, cultures and traditions. And knowledge will also avoid us encountering problems and facing misunderstandings…

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