Finally the Via dell'Amore reopens in 2024! | Cinque Terre Riviera

Finally the Via dell’Amore reopens in 2024!

 After years of waiting, we are finally approaching the opening of the Via dell’Amore, previewed in the summer of 2024!

Built-in 1920 for an extension of the railway line, the magnificent Via dell’Amore is now known all over the world as the lovers’ path. Walking along this path, overlooking the sea, you are surrounded by an infinite number of love padlocks, left over the years by couples in love. Spectacular!

Unforgettable views and beauties of nature characterized this trail, just over a kilometer long. The ideal time to walk right for its romance is at sunset when the sea and the rocks take on enchanting shades.


After the closure of the path in 2012 due to a landslide that caused the injury of four Australian tourists, finally in January 2022 work has begun. Thanks to financing, the opening of the Via dell’Amore is scheduled on July 2024!

We are excitedly waiting this moment!