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Check-In !

Check-In !

Check-in! How it works here in the Cinque Terre

Standard check-in time for our properties is 3:00 to 6:00 pm. We necessarily have to ask our guests to respect these times.

Cinque Terre Riviera office for Vernazza Check-Ins

Early check-in is usually hard to get since we rent private properties, not hotel rooms, and since check-out time is maximum 10:30 we need time to clean and prepare the property for the incoming guests.

When possible, if incoming guests arrive earlier than 3:00 pm, we can check they can at least drop their bags at their property and then settle later when the unit is clean and ready. This can only be considered on arrival, depending on maids working plan.

Late check-in must be always planned in advance since most of the owners do not reside in the villages and our office closes at 6:00. The area is difficult. Our local assistants, who live in La Spezia and only can move by train. They can do ASSISTED LATE CHECK-IN if planned in advance  but only at extra charge (from 30,00 to 100,00 euros depending on chosen property) and anyway arrival time will have to be within 10:00 pm since otherwise they might have no trains to go back home.

STAYLUGGAGE service extends your stay! If you are in Vernazza do not worry. You can check-out normally at 10:00 a.m and drop your bags at Stayluggage, next to Cinque Terre Riviera Office. Our guests benefits of 50% DISCOUNT on standard price, so you will pay 2.50 euros instead of 5.00 euro if you have rented a Cinque Terre Riviera property. Ask for your CouponCode and download our APP (IOS and Android)

All guests who feel they do not need assistance at check-in can  request SELF LATE CHECK-IN. We will provide all detailed, necessary instructions to get their keys and enter their apartment. NO WORRIES!

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