Monterosso Lemon Festival, the event not to be missed!

The most brilliant event of the Season: Monterosso Lemon Festival

This unique colourful event usually takes place Mid May, but this year, with exact date is still unknown and, if the Lemon Festival will take place, due to Coronavirus emergency, it will be postponed towards the Autumn.

But this is the tradition, anyway: every year in May, when the lemons are at the top of their ripening season the village turns YELLOW and surprises all visitors with the colours and the scents of its famous tasty lemons.

The village turns yellow. Every store shows items, food and beverages all inspired by the yellow grapes.

Monterosso lemons are so delicious that hardly have a competitor able to win their juiciness and sweetness.


The Festival

All around the old village stalls with lemon products and fresh lemons will attract visitors from all over the world. All store owners decorate their shops following the lemon theme and restaurants will serve special menus.

It will be a unique occasion to taste all at once the very best of limoncino, lemon jam, lemon custard and lemon pies.

The best store decoration will receive a prize at the end of the day . Guided visits to the garden of famous historical Villa Montale (summer house of Italian Noble Prize Eugenio Montale) will be organised by the local tourist office.

Book your accommodation in Monterosso in advance and even if you are staying in  one of the other villages you can still reach Monterosso by train or by boat.

Do not miss Lemon Festival in Monterosso, it is a unique day for tasting the very best of food and drinks creations with these special, tasty lemons.




Margarita cocktail, for instance, is much better in Liguria if prepared with Monterosso Lemons (instead of imported Limes that suffer long, refrigerated transportation)

Why not tasting the Lemon custard and the Lemon cake!

And Limoncino, then, dessert drink. So tasty and unique. Do not mix it up with Limoncello (made in the the Costiera Amalfitana) which is made with alcool, sugar and milk. Our Limoncino recipe has only sugar and alcool…and lemons, of course!

And you can bring some Lemon home with you!

Do not miss the Lemon Festival in Monteross 

2022 dates still unknown

sagra-del-limone-monterosso-2 Monterosso lemons

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