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Venues in the Cinque Terre

Venues in the Cinque Terre

Everything is small in the Cinque Terre!

For this reason the number of your party guests will definitely guide your choice. If you have a small party, up to 40 – 50 guests, most of the restaurant in the area will be a great choice as wedding venue. For larger parties up to 100 choices are limited to a large restaurant in Vernazza or other private locations in Monterosso.

Some of our restaurants have amazing views on the waters and some lies right on the main square of Vernazza, where it’s so fun having either the rehearsal or wedding dinner

Some of the restaurants are located right on Vernazza main street and will delight guests with exquisite dishes like Il Baretto and Da Sandro.

The most famous are in the famous Piazza like Gianni Franzi, Gambero Rosso and Trattoria del Capitano or Vulnezia.

With exciting locations we have Belforte, Al Castello and La Torre, all in prominent position, perched on the rocks and offering unique views on the water and the coastline.

After listening to your details on the composition of your party and your preferences, we’ll be happy to quote menus and provide all necessary details. Dietary Food can be requested in advance.

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