Food...and Wine! | Cinque Terre Riviera

Food…and Wine!

Food…and Wine!

And here we come to Wedding Party Food & Wine.

Well, you’ll be celebrating in Liguria, the land of Pesto, where food is simple and tasty, healthy and delicious.

Weather you choose for a wedding party at a restaurant or served by the catering company, we always suggest you to stay tuned on local food so to get the perfect feeling of the land you have chosen as background to your wedding day.

We love to propose our couples and their guests all the dishes of our Ligurian tradition: anchovies, octopus, local vegetables pies, pasta, sea food and fish and local meat always accompanied by authentic DOC Ligurian Wine.

chefs at Al Castello Restaurant in Vernazza
and here comes the meat

We carefully selected the Catering Company. In years of service all their parties have been a success!

Follow us to the discovery of some excellent parties. Ready to take a look? Ok let’s start, sorry you can taste them now!


Octopus carpaccio
Colorful Salad
Assorted Sea Food
Vegetables Tempura
Fried Shrimps


Bomboloni, yummy!

Just a glimpse of the delicacies that are waiting for you in the Cinque Terre. You are invited!

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