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How to Travel to the Cinque Terre

the easy way to 5terre Getting to the beautiful villas that populate the stunning coastline of Cinque Terre is not as difficult as you might think! We divided this simple guide in 3 parts to make easier for you to schedule your next holiday in Cinque Terre:   1. Which airport Which airport you choose…

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Where to park in the Cinque Terre

Getting to the Cinque Terre by Car Honestly the roads to get to the 5 Terre are absolutely breathtaking, a fun drive. They are a way for you to discover more of the landscape with its terraced vineyards that climb from the sea and some interesting small villages. Anyway these roads can get really tough, all cars…

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Why not booking just one night in the Cinque Terre

Don’t book Cinque Terre just for one night One of the most frequent requests we receive from customers who have 2, 3 or 4 days and desire to visit the Cinque Terre is “moving from one village to the other” and stay just one night each village.Well, it could be a romantic way of visiting the area and…

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From Venice to the Cinque Terre with maps

How to reach the Cinque Terre from Venice No better choice for those who want to live a fantastic Italian experience: Venice + Cinque Terre, an amazing, rewarding holiday in the magical land of culture and great landscapes! Buy your train tickets on ItaliaRail  to easily reach the Cinque Terre by train. There’s for now a connection via Florence…

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