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Best Gelato in Vernazza Cinque Terre

Best Gelato in Vernazza? Where can I taste  great “Gelato” in the Cinque Terre? What is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream? Well, let’s follow Gino D’Acampo sharing with us the secret of authentic gelato making while talking to famous Vernazza gelato maker Gianluca Giannoni of Gelateria Vernazza. Follow us to and watch the video. Click […]

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The best restaurants in Cinque Terre?

Restaurants make the great part of your Cinque Terre Experience. People who come to the Cinque Terre are amazed by the scenery, the trails, its beaches, and mostly of all, by the GREAT FOOD! But answering to “which are the best restaurants in Cinque Terre” is not easy. Our villages are so small and still […]

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The charme of Vernazza aperitif time

The charme of Vernazza aperitif time an experience that leaves us speachless any time we have the lucky chance to have a glass of wine or a spritz there. The Piazza and the aperitif rite, for locals and visitors, every day at sunset. And every day our emotions are newly fresh as the very first day!. Love and beauty, […]

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La Benediga – Wedding Tradition in Vernazza

Old traditions stay alive Any village, every country and every religion has its own wedding traditions, especially if we focus on places and people with a long history, and, still now, in 2017, when many family tradition have been lost, wedding ceremonies and prelude moments to the big day resist strongly to innovation and globalisation, […]

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