Vendemmia a documentary film


Vendemmia: a great movie on the “authentic” Cinque Terre.

A few years ago Sharon Boeckle and Krista Lee Weller with Harvest Film company filmed in the Cinque Terre a movie project Vendemmia, a documentary film on the  efforts to balance environmental sustainability in the Cinque Terre with rising tourism and recent natural disaster.

We at Cinque Terre Riviera were happy supporters of that project Sharon and Krista’s project proud .  They made a pledge on Kickstarter  for raising  funds to finance their movie making “expedition” to Italy Cinque Terre Riviera to take other fantastic shots to complete their dream movie.

This the movie trailer

We eased them reaching their goal, offering 3.night staying in Manarola at enchanting La Lampara  and 3-night staying at a comfortable apartment in Monterosso.

We know they enjoyed their stay while working hard on their project.

Now Cinque Terre and environment lovers can view their movie on Amazon Prime 

Passion for Wine and wine making art


Their passion for the Cinque Terre made them produce another interesting videoclip, where the two directors present the world the miracle of Sciachetrà wine.

Here their nice presentation, that also includes a professional and appealing lesson on Sciachetrà wine, made by Italian Sommelier Nicola Biscardo. In a few tasting sips, he walks us through the Cinque Terre’s Sciacchetra, a wine with a thousand year old history.

Eco-Turism Values

We are all looking forward to having Sharon & Krista and their staff back again in the Cinque Terre to fight with us for Eco-Tourism Values. We hope they’ll keep on finding  inspiration for  documenting the Cinque Terre of Italy’s struggle for sustainable eco-tourism in the face of political corruption and environmental disaster.

In the meantime for all that want to follow step by step Harvest Film activity interesting clips can by found on their You Tube  Page

You can learn all about the Cinque Terre wines and vineyards with our expert sommeliers and you can taste the very best of our production.