Are you planning your next trip to the Cinque Terre and you are just wondering what are the things to see in Vernazza? Then you really came across the right content, because our goal will be to give you the opportunity to better plan your fantastic stay at the enchanting Municipality of Vernazza.

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Vernazza things to see: the perfect itinerary

There are so many things to see in Vernazza. For this reason we have prepared for you the itinerary ‘Vernazza things to see’, complete with some iconic places absolutely not to be missed:

Getting lost in the streets of Vernazza

Vernazza offers a labyrinth of stairs between the houses overlooking the narrow streets of the village: an experience not to be missed to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the place.

The Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia

This church, erected overlooking the sea, is home to a legend linked to the miraculous discovery of the bones of Santa Margherita along the coast of Vernazza. Its history and its evocative location make it an unmissable stop.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio

Immersed in nature at 315 meters above sea level, the sanctuary offers an enchanting scenery surrounded by oaks, cedars and an ancient centuries old cypress, representing a place of spirituality and beauty.

Blue Path in Vernazza

The trail offers the opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Cinque Terre, both in the direction of Monterosso and Corniglia, giving unique emotions to hikers.

The Castle of the Doria

Dominating the country at more than seventy meters high, the castle offers spectacular views of the sea and the hinterland. Through the steep staircases of the village, it is possible to explore the remains of the city walls, the Tower of the former Convent of the Reformed Fathers of San Francesco and the deconsecrated Church of San Francesco, witnesses of the local history and culture.

Sentiero Monterosso Vernazza: a great classic not to be missed

There is no doubt, the Monterosso Vernazza trail is an authentic icon of the Cinque Terre, fascinating and suggestive. Offering breathtaking views and a unique hiking experience, this route is an absolute must for nature lovers and scenic itineraries. Starting from the picturesque marina of Vernazza, dominated by the majestic 14th-century Church of Santa Margherita di Antioch and the mighty Doria castle, the path winds through an intricate labyrinth of alleys until it overlooks the village and its fascinating architecture. Through the suggestive Via Ettore Vernazza, the path goes up to the cemetery, offering breathtaking views and encounters with the local fauna. It continues through the lush Mediterranean scrub and the abandoned terraces, passing the Rio Molinaro and a donkey backed bridge. With a slight up and down, you reach the last ridge before starting the descent towards Monterosso, passing through Punta Corone and admiring an imposing military bunker along the way. The path forks, offering two options: one that leads directly to the village through the town hall and one that follows the coast to the seaside promenade. In short, with a total duration of 2 hours, the Monterosso Vernazza trail offers an authentic experience of the Cinque Terre, between wild nature and mystical experiences.

Beaches of Vernazza: small and iconic pearls

The beaches of Vernazza are real hidden treasures, offering moments of enchanting relaxation and beauty. The marina next to the church of Santa Margherita houses one of the most fascinating beaches in the village, perfect for families with children thanks to its golden sand and crystal clear waters. Although compact, the beach offers space on the characteristic surrounding rocks, where visitors can sunbathe and cool off with a dip in the turquoise waters. A short walk from the main square leads to another beach, characterized by a sand and pebble beach, surrounded by imposing cliffs that offer shelter and shade in the hottest hours. Among the gems of the area is the beach of Guvano, reachable only by sea and with a wild beauty that makes it a true paradise for lovers of nature and tranquility.

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