We made the Choice! And You?

Any single act counts to save our endangered planet, so spread the voice. 

Any day is the good day to change bad habits and do the right choice for our future and the future of next generations

Why Sustainable Travel?

We all know that our planet is beautiful and travelling is the best way to know the very best it: nature, people and different cultures.

But our planet is also seriously endangered, because, for long time, our presence on earth neglected to take care of it.

We DO believe in sustainable travel choices and we take any step to  work with respect for local communities, environments and biodiversity and inspire our guests to  follow us on this path.

All together we will preserve our world and keep on loving and visiting it in our aim to broaden horizons, reduce barriers and bring people closer together.

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What is a Sustainable Property for Rental?

A Sustainable Property for Rental is managed following all possible practices to reduce use of energy and water, limit use of chemical agents, invite guests to recycling their waste, to support local communities.

Our Badge will simple let you discover our Sustainable Properties.

What you will find in a Cinque Terre Riviera Sustainable Property

Water Bottle

To prevent use of plastic bottles, you will always find in your rental a glass water bottle. Our Tap Water is super drinkable


Recycling Bins available in all our properties. The Cinque Terre National Park Villages recycle all our waste

Bath Soap

No Miniature Plastic Bottles in our bathrooms. You will find dispenser with top quality products to limit plastic use

Local Food Products

We help our community producers introducing our guests to local flovours: extra virgin olive oil, pasta, wine,...and if you want to bring them home there's our online shop

Water Saving Program

We change towels every 3/4-day stay and we encourage guests not to ask for more frequent changes. Limiting the use of towels reduces not only water waste but also pollution thanks to less van deliveries

Train vs Cars

We invite our guests to reach and visit the area by train. You do not need cars for travelling through the park and your stay will not only more eco, but also definitely less stressful

Professional Local Guides

All our tours and activities are organized by professional local guides and businesses. Also our transfers providers reside in the Cinque Terre National Park

Local Artists Platform

We encourage our guests and online customers to sustain our community of arts and crafts most distinguished representatives though our online Gallery

Heritage & Culture
of our Land

We invite travellers to discover our Region Culture and Heritage and learn all about our Life Style through our blog pages full of images and videos