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We Live on a Fragile World - Let's Travel Sustainable

The Cinque Terre, the National Park where we are blessed to live and work, is a fragile Land and the precise microcosmic image of our Globe. 

We must be aware that each single action we daily take can make the difference on the path to preserve our Nature and to stop the Climate Change. We can’t do miracles, but we can change an attitude. 

No more wasting, no more plastic, yes to recycling and to consume wisely!

Our Land - Our Inspiration

This is our Land. 

Well, how it was in the past. But people still rely on land and sea and climate to make their living, now as in ancient times.

The flood that devastated our area in 2011 is a proof of what Climate Changes and Human action can do to damage our Planet.

Our Manifesto is Our Transparence and Your Guarantee


Working responsibly in our environment and inviting people to follow us in this project to save our Land is the small step we can take to do all together the giant step to save Humanity and guarantee a future for our children!

Our Commitment

TO protect our land while while working through responsible actions to guarantee a future to our children
TO defend and enhance capabilities, products and art creations of our community to preserve traditions and people identity
TO promote our life style, our unusual houses, our hard trails, our vineyards, our walls, our car free villages and our waters to pass on our roots to future generations
TO safeguard the growth and production of biological food with agricolture and fishing methods where Nature has first place to take care of the only Planet we have
TO support, give voice and space to small owners, farmers, artisans and artists who daily take inspiration and strength from the land they live in


TO to keep living and working within our community and help people to stand up, make a living and fight against the ebbs and flows of our daily life

Our Brand

Our Vision

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