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All you need to know about the Cinque Terre, true and fine advice written and explained by the locals!

No second hand news, but FACTS, the real practical truth to live the place as a local and manage through trains, car parking spots, traditions, festivities, restaurants and food. All your questions will find and answer, just surf through our pages, but, if not, send us a mail and get further advice.

We love our land, you’ll love it, too!

Summer 2020 in Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Useful tips to get a lovely stay in Monterosso al Mare, Summer 2020 1. HOW TO BOOK PUBLIC BEACHES AS A VISITOR AND AS A GUEST Monterosso Town Hall provided residents and visitors of an useful App Link that allows everyone to book a spot in one of the private beaches of the village PRENOTAZIONE SPIAGGE […]

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Vernazza: from Aperitif to the Stars

A Summer night walk in Vernazza, Cinque Terre A lovely evening started with a delicious Negroni, pizza slices and tasty anchovies “a la giada” at Blue Marlin Pub. Then ended on the pier watching the colours of sky, houses and waters changing. A magical succession of hues, shades and lights.

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Kids and beaches in the Cinque Terre

Families in the Cinque Terre: will the kids have fun at the beach? The Cinque Terre are a fantastic place for everybody, all ages will find their own reason to love them, bit mostly kids will love these villages. Going top the beach is part of the fun, of course! In Summer time swimming, diving […]

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How to reach the Cinque Terre post-pandemic

Easy guide to reach the Cinque Terre easily and with no stress after pandemic crisis Now that flights start flying again over the European skies and land finally in Italy after the COVID-19 stop, a few questions will naturally come to our mind HOW SHALL WE MOVE AROUND ITALY IN 2020? Well, nothing changes and, […]

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Monterosso Lemon Festival, the event not to be missed!

The most brilliant event of the Season: Monterosso Lemon Festival This unique colourful event usually takes place Mid May, but this year, with exact date is still unknown and, if the Lemon Festival will take place, due to Coronavirus emergency, it will be postponed towards the Autumn. But this is the tradition, anyway: every year […]

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Let’s go to Monterosso Anchovies Festival

Monterosso Anchovies Festival This is something! The real taste of Monterosso on all the village tables: fresh anchovies, that here are so delicious and special, cooked every style: fried, in tegame, marinated with lemon, on bruschettas with tomatoes! It is so fun strolling around and get this delicious food. One of the highlights of every season […]

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Foodie Guide to Cinque Terre

Get to know Liguria and Cinque Terre most famous ingredients and dishes Food Hints for a joyful staying in our land! The Cinque Terre, as all Liguria Region, have a long culinary tradition with recipes that are a mix of land and sea food. Here are some of the most popular recipes and our suggestion for […]

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11 Top Proved Benefits of Olive Oil

The miracle healthy benefits of Italian Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (often synthetically called EVO) is the most important element that distinguish the Mediterranean diet and its delicious and healthy dishes. Most of the Italian recipes cannot be executed or get excellent results if prepared without a good quality one. Our cooking classes always […]

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The Cinque Terre and their waters

The sea is the key element of the Cinque Terre Life! All PostsThe Cinque Terre and their waters, the Mediterranean sea, is the keyword of the entire region. The inhabitants life has always been joined with this natural element. It brigs life, it gives food and jobs, it gives flavours to the land products, it […]

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The amazing art of the Italian Olive Oil

Olive Oil, a divine gift for our tables. Italian Olive Oil has an undisputed tradition as one of the best Extra Virgin Oil in the world. The Ligurian and Lunigiana territory has a very long historical tradition in olive’s planting. The cultivation of this balmy product dates back to the Roman Age. Two thousand years […]

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