Corniglia: the Cinque Terre village and its apartments

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Facts About Corniglia

Corniglia is the hikers’ paradise and it’s able to evoke incomparable emotions. The coastline village which does not rise from the waters, but stays perched up on the rocks and watches the waves from the top of a promontory, about 100 metres high. The village itself is beautiful, you can see and feel how locals take care of it in a way that is different than other villages. From the train station you have a shuttle bus service (8am to 8pm approx. – 2 minutes ride) taking you to main square or the famous 382 steps of the Lardarina. Cinque Terre Riviera can offer here in Corniglia lovely apartments for rental. Corniglia has excellent restaurants and pubs with amazing views. It's ideal retreat for a relaxing holiday in the Cinque Terre. The hiking paths departing from here from a high level on the sea make it a great rental choice for the hikers.


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