The Most Iconic spots of the 5T in Diney Pixar "Luca"

Finally a positive note after a long and difficult period for the Cinque Terre tourism. A big relaunch has taken place thanks to “Luca”, last release of Disney Pixar, on Disney+ on screens since 18th, 2021.

The entire Disney lovers’ world will have the chance to virtually travel to this incredible Italian area: the Cinque Terre.

The movie makes us dream of these villages as we follow the two teenage sea monsters (magically appearing human when on our land) having fun while exploring Portorosso, a fictional animated town of this colourful coast.

A love letter to the Liguria Region

Production designer Daniela Strijleva said, in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, that the designers created a fictional animated town using the best parts of one of the five real town. It’s a love letter to the Liguria region, highlighting the iconic colors, food and architecture that makes Cinque Terre a must-visit for so many travelers.” 

The movie director, Enrico Casarosa, who was born in Genoa, grew up travelling to the Cinque Terre ad visiting them as a kid. Then, on revisiting them to take inspiration for the movie, in Daniela’s words “almost became a kid again, just diving in the water, being so happy and in his element”.

"Real" parts of the Cinque Terre in the fiction movie

Daniela Strijleva tells in the interview that they “visited any single town in the Cinque Terre and we always knew that we weren’t going to set in one of the real towns…” Portorosso is the fictional village that captures the best parts of the five real ones. “Of course Vernazza is one of the most iconic places and the piazza in Portorosso is inspired by the Vernazza Piazza…But there are so many other details” she says, like the Manarola, draped over the hills, and its dog plus Corniglia, with its quiet village life.

The tower below, with vineyards in the background, fully reminds us of the real wind mill tower, now called Muin a Ventu serving as’s property for rental

The tower represented in Luca's look actually like...
Muin a Ventu Historical Tower, one of Cinqueterreriviera's Properties for rental

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A place to be visited in a sustainable way

Daniela concludes her interview saying that she hopes these places are not overrun, but at the same time she wishes people will visit and enjoy their beauty

That’s our same wish! A sustainable tourism for such a delicate and still preserved environment, a real treasure for present and future generations.