Families in the Cinque Terre: will the kids have fun?

The Cinque Terre are a fantastic place for everybody, all ages will find their own reason to love them, bit mostly kids will love these villages.


Going top the beach is part of the fun, of course! In Summer time swimming, diving or just playing on the sand will amuse young children and teenagers. In Winter time the beaches of Monterosso or Vernazza, when the waters are not stormy, will still offer them large spaces to play and breath good healthy air.



Let’s see go deeper into Monterosso, Vernazza and Manarola famous beaches or rocky spots to dive from.

Consider that any location of the Cinque Terre will anyway do for families since boats and train connections between the villages are frequent and short. And it is lovely moving from one village to the other to explore various beaches and sceneries.



Monterosso beaches

Monterosso village is the larger and the only one of the five that offers both free and private, equipped beaches. 



Here you can easily rent, in various spots of Fegina (at the beaches under that promenade that runs below the train station) sun umbrellas, cabins and beach chairs. Bars, restaurants and showers will make comfortable and lovely your day on the beach.

Swimming will be so fun in Monterosso, the western part of Fegina beach before the car parking and the one near the Giant Statue are usually preferred by families with younger children and babies. They have more protected waters and it’s easier keeping control of the kids when in the water.



In Fegina, the most recent part of the village, you will also find most of the large villas ideal for big families, like Villa Montale, La Torre dei Merli and La PavonaBut you can find in Fegina one of the most spectacular properties of the Cinque Terre, La Casa del Gigante, which is fantastic for a family of four. Guests of these villas can also benefit of exclusive admittance to the beach of the local yacht club at preferred rates. The Yacht club, Circolo Velico, with its quiet beach and services is ideal for families with babies and young children looking for privacy and comforts.

But generally all beaches are ok for families and children and teen love to play with Monterosso waves especially when the sea is slightly rough.

But be careful to flags and advice if the weather is not nice or the sea is too rough!

Teens love to climb rocks; here the one called Malpasso Rock in Monterosso.



Vernazza Beaches

Vernazza has now 1 beach (being the one created by 2011 flood taken back by the waters)  plus many rocky spots. The beach is free, accessible from the main square. It is a tiny sandy beach with safe and low waters that extends with rocks under the church and a long a passage that takes to the end of the walkable area named La Nave.


Below images of lost second beach, now unfortunately no longer accessible 


Manarola Rocks!

Manarola offers no sandy beaches but its rocks are so popular among teens and youths. They all love diving from the rocks at the Marina and swimming around, eventually on an inflatable mattress.



Youths also love suntanning on the rocks and dive now and then to get refreshment.

So the Cinque Terre offers amazing spots for families and remember secluded and quiet beaches can also be reached by boat or hiring  kayaks!



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