Just an ordinary February weekend in 2021.

Follow us on a Magical Tour of Vernazza, Cinque Terre. Enter the magic and start dreaming on your next holiday in the Cinque Terre.

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is setting and people are enjoying the last hours of the day in village unusually quiet. Covid-19 has stopped visitors from any part of the world, even Italians from other regions cannot travel to the Cinque Terre, as it is for any other part of the Country.

Kids love playing on the beach and are amazed by a sea urchin

The following day, early morning, it’s so nice walking over the village and see it waking up to a quiet Saturday. The air is unusually foggy at first, but the village bright colours of its houses, plants and waters come out vivid and lively.

Walk with us through the gallery below and enjoy the visit of a magical Vernazza.

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