We Still Do!

Celebrate your Vows Renewal in the Cinque Terre Riviera…This is a magical land, the perfect setting for your wedding anniversary.

Just Married Again!

Vernazza is one of the most romantic place in the world! The best venue for your ceremony!

Each love story is unique and special. It’s your life, one of the most important moment of your life as a couple we’ll be taking in our hands to help you get the most!

This is your story

Pick a Date, much like your wedding, you have to decide when to host the vow renewal. An anniversary or a date that is special to the two of you would be a nice touch. Don’t feel limited to the words. You can include sentiments and promises born since you’ve been married or you can just repeat the original vows you took.

Don’t forget to hire an officiant & a photographer. We can help, of course, hiring for you the best professionals who know the most romantic spots of the village. A photographer and a video-maker will capture these these unique tender moments forever!

Cinque Terre Riviera can also provide an officiant, but you can eventually ask a friend or a relative to make it more personal and offer a brief introduction just followed by the two of you simply repeating your vows.

Invite guests – or not. You can invite close friends, relatives, and co-workers as you would do for a big wedding or, if you like it more intimate, you and your husband / wife can renew your vows together. Just the two of you. Romance will be all around.

Choose Cinque Terre Riviera company services for your wedding vows renewal!

You will only need to think about: what to wear, who to invite, the song to play and… to say yes, again!

Debra and Mark have chosen Vernazza for their vows renewal! On a beautiful sunny day, our staff organised a romantic setting on a terrace overlooking the sea.

They have read their promises of love, their favorite song was playing, their best friends was there…our photographer ready to capture all their emotions…

You may kiss each other

Everything was perfect and unforgettable!!!

And  their story goes on…


send your message to  providing us dates, preferred type of ceremony, 

request of accommodation and number of people taking part to your vows