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Symbolic Wedding in the Cinque Terre

Symbolic Wedding in the Cinque Terre

Symbolic Wedding is the formula we always suggest our foreign couples to create a successful event of their marriage in the Cinque Terre.
One of the main reasons is that we are far from big towns with consulates and embassies so any paper you have to present becomes a a long and expensive practice
If, instead, you are already civilly married or if you still have to do all the papers and you run short of time we suggest you to have the formal civil rite in your own country, just the couple and the witnesses, and then we can put on a wonderful, amazing, extraordinary Symbolic Rite here in the Italian Riviera.
No stress or uncertainties and dull bureaucracy. And your guests won’t have the feeling that this won’t be the real wedding. This will be the party of your life!
After so many wedding celebrated here, we can tell you that this is absolutely the best (and also less expensive) way to have a memorable destination wedding!
Cinque Terre Riviera will take care COMPLIMENTARY of all ceremony set up.


Vernazza is the most iconic of the five villages. The one that will guarantee a fairy tale touch to your wedding in the Italian Riviera.Symbolic rite could take place on a private big Terrace overlooking the sea or in the private sea view garden of our exclusive property “Muin a Ventu” (it depends on how many guests are there).

Rite, table and chairs could be set there. Flowers, local herbs or lemons could be perfect decorations.

We have lots of ideas to suggest you for making this moment even more special…let’s talk about it together!!!


After rite, Prosecco toast and aperitif drinks. Time for guests for relaxing and for couple to take pictures.

Once ceremony is over, usually couple strolls along the typical paths of the village, passing by the typical colourful houses, taking fantastic pictures and videos, and getting the “benediga blessing”, which works as follows couple enters one of the first floor apartments of the village and throws big quantities of candies and wrapped of confetti on the people watching from the street below. All the people waits for the sweets and as a sign of gratitude they bless the couple and wish them all the best for their future life together.

PA100271Cinque Terre Riviera staff will take care of the organisation of this precious moment for living the magic moment “like a local”.

Wedding Reception

SOLUTION #1 – 50 to 150 GUESTS
Cinque Terre Riviera suggestion for medium up to large wedding parties is Al Castello restaurant. It lies in a fantastic area of the village, right below the medieval tower portrayed in all Vernazza pictures

First act: after wedding rite, Aperitif Drink on the romantic terrace perched on the rocks behind the restaurant hall

Second Act: seated dinner


Cinque Terre Riviera suggestion is Belforte and Gambero Rosso restaurants or Gianni Franzi and Taverna del Capitano

They are all in the most beautiful part of the village and, belonging to same company, they offer the possibility of splitting your reception into two parts, offering great views and amusement to guests

First act: after wedding rite, Aperitif Drink, with enchanting sea view on the Monterosso, Vernazza village and the Cinque Terre  vineyards 

Second act: seated dinner at one of the above restaurants


These are just two simple options. We can personalise the event according to your tastes and create a unique, memorable masterpiece of it for your, your dear ones and future generations!

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