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Riomaggiore San Giovanni Celebrations

San Giovanni Celebrations take place in Riomaggiore on June 24th with a typical procession and gastronomic stalls. You will have to be there!

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Monterosso Salted Anchovies Festival

The salted anchovies festival is a traditional Monterosso event held every year in September where gastronomic and typical stalls are set up to taste this delicious speciality. Anchovies are a Slow Food Presidium. They are particularly tasty. Many dishes of the local traditions use this fish as main element! Accompany them with local Cinque Terre…

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Tellaro Octopus Festival

Octopus Festival is celebrated every second Sunday of August with the typical food tasting of delicious local octopus. Every restaurant offers dishes based on the Octopus. The tradition derives from a lovely legend related to an Octopus who save the village in ancient times from a Pirates’ attack.   More at this link

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La Spezia San Giuseppe Fair

San Giuseppe fair is one of the most beautiful and largest nationwide with its nearly 600 stalls which are set up in the streets of the city. The fair usually stays on for 3 days around March 19th, which is the day of Giuseppe, Saint Patron of the town.. The tradition of this fair has…

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Monterosso Lemon Festival

The brightest event of the Cinque Terre! Every year in May, when the lemons are at the top of their ripening season Monterosso village turns YELLOW and surprises all visitors with the colors and the scents of its famous tasty lemons. Every store shows items, food and beverages all inspired by the yellow grapes. Menu…

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Levanto San Giacomo Festival

The celebrations for San Giacomo, Saint Patron of Levanto, take place on 24 and 25 July in Levanto. Not to be missed the historical procession, the typical parades, the candles lit on the waters and fantastic fireworks!

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