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All about hiking the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre Trails: a history of love and pain.

The Cinque Terre hiking trails, “i sentieri” in Italian, are  probably the most fascinating elements of this blessed natural area.

The trails were in the past the only way to move from one village to the other and so they are the natural roads for the Cinque Terre people in the past. All the Cinque Terre life, since ancient time, passes over these paths. They represent the history, the soul of this land.

The trails were used to go working, go farming and cultivating this difficult land. Today they are meant as hiking fun for hiking lovers, an amazing way for tourists to visit the area. But there’s much more behind them.

Trails were used to carry tons and tons of earth to fill the terraces dig and built for the vines, and water, too! And to bring back the products of their fatigues (grapes, olives, potatoes and onions). And they were used to go visiting relatives and meeting lovers, to take kids to a relative if a job or a illness had to to take parents far away. They were used to carry corpses when a death incurred, to deliver a wedding dress and food for a ceremony and furniture when a family had to move from the country to the sea and change life for the better (hopefully!).

Life, death, romance, disgrace, fatigue, loss, reunion and hope, the hiking trails of the Cinque Terre have always been the witnesses of this land life!

There’s so something sacred when today a visitor walks on them. And respect is requested to climb these trails.

The beauty of the land and the hardness to keep them in good conditions requires hard work today and lots of money to keep them in safety so to allow thousand of people every day to trample on them. And this is the reason the Cinque Terre National Park asks for a contribution through the Cinque Terre Card.

Now, tourists everyday access the steep paths going from Monterosso to Vernazza, from Vernazza to Corniglia. They are the most famous ones. But hiking the Cinque Terre does not limit to that. The trail network is vast and variegated developing along more than 120 kilometers . Incomparable spots, lights and shades, vineyards and waves strikingly appears under your eyes on the go to the discovery of the entire area.


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This is truly the greatest Italian natural Experience and any village on your way is just a treasure to be discovered.

All visitors are invited to wear proper shoes and garment, to bring considerable water supply (especially in Summer time) and to choose even less known path. Avoiding the most crowded one will be more rewarding for you.

On the Park page dedicated to the trail you can also find useful suggestions for your trips. The Thematic Itineraries there suggested are amazing and worth of attention

 Itinerary of the Ancient settlements departing from Riomaggiore
 Itinerary of the Sanctuaries and Churches from Monterosso to Riomaggiore
 Itinerary of the terraced vineyards Riomaggiore, Manarola, Groppo, Volastra, Case Pianca, Corniglia
 Nature Itinerary from Monterosso to the discovery of the Mesco promontory 
And before go hiking check paths conditions online on the site of the Cinque Terre National Park and locally at any Park office in the villages train stations.

And do not forget your cameras, of course! We’ll welcome your pictures on our media pages: #instagram,  facebook, pinterest, google+ or twitter 

Enjoy hiking, enjoy the Cinque Terre National Park and be aware you’ll be part of its history in walking wisely and respectful on them!


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