Hiking lovers? Book a long stay and get free Hiking Cards

Cinque Terre Riviera offers complimentary 1-day Hiking Cards on bookings of following properties for a minimum of 4 nights

List of eligible properties for the free Cinque Terre Hiking Cards offered by Cinque Terre Riviera.

The total number of free cards per reservation depends on booked property. You may still buy extra cards at discounted rate.

In Vernazza

Camaella, Arbanella, CornabrugiaMaemuna

2 cards maximum per booking

In Manarola

Il Baluardo

2 cards maximum per booking

In Monterosso

La Casa del Gigante, La Torre dei Merli, Villa Tanca, Villa Montale

4 cards maximum per booking

To take advantage of this promo pick preferred property and send us an email quoting FREE HIKING CARDS

Please, note: offers are not combinable

What does Cinque Terre Trekking Card offer?

  • Access to the Park Area
  • Guided visits, depending on the planning
  • Poetic Nature Paths at Parco Letterario Eugenio Montale and Parco delle Cinque Terre according to the program
  • Use of the Bus Services managed by ATC among villages
  • Use of the toilets with fee
  • Participation in the workshops of the Park’s Environmental Education Center, depending on the planning
  • Reduced-price ticket to visit the Civic Museums in La Spezia (Amedeo Lia, Castello San Giorgio, CAMeC, Sigillo, Palazzina delle Arti, Etnografico, Diocesano)

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Hike safe for your safety and the safety of your dear ones.

Consider a hazardous behaviour can cause damages to nature and injuries or death to other people.

Please, read the HIKERS’ VADEMECUM given by the Cinque Terre National Park to walk wisely on the Park Trails.

Evocative and extraordinary, the Cinque Terre Park is like that. And it is known above all through its various paths overlooking the sea, close to the hamlets, in thhe mountains that degrade, sometimes abruptly, on the rocks and then in the crystalline sea. Here are some precautions for walking safely.

  1. Choose itineraries according to your physical and technical skills
  2. Read up the characteristics of the path by taking information through the study of the topographic map (distances, gradient, springs, fountains, shelters, etc.) and by asking for information on its actual practicability. Study any alternative itinerary for the return
  3. Take appropriate clothing and equipment depending on the effort and the length of the itinerary (replacement underwear, fleece, anorak, gloves, hat, boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, food supplies)
  4. Do not forget to put in your backpack the necessary items for any emergency situations (heat cloth, headlamp, mobile phone, knife, compass, etc) together with a small first aid kit
  5. Do not start an excursion alone and in any case tell a trusted person the itinerary you plan to take
  6. Get information on weather forecasts by consulting our weather page or the website www.meteomont.org with particular attention to high temperatures.
  7. If you have any doubts about the itinerary, come back. Sometimes it is better to give up than risk the danger of bad weather. Remember, however, that it is forbidden to wak in adverse weather conditions as you could put your own and others’ safety at risk
  8. Take back always your waste
  9. Respect the flora and fauna. Respect local cultures and traditions
  10. Never leave the marked trail.
  11. For emergencies call the 112, emergency service
  12. Always keep your pets on a leash.

For centuries, the Cinque Terre paths have been the only way to connect towns to each other and to the outback. Nowadays, the network stretching for more than 120 kilometres allows to discover and appreciate all the territory through different paths.

Walk on the the paths of Cinque Terre National Park ONLY UNDER GOOD WEATHER CONDITIONS and WITH PROPER SHOES.