Cinque Terre Beautiful Hiking Trails

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Cinque Terre Beautiful Hiking Trails

There is something quite exciting about the idea of hiking in Cinque Terre. One of the most beautiful walks across Italy is Hiking either heading south from Monterosso or heading north from Riomaggiore towards the beautiful Cinque Terre. The serene beauty of the place is illuminated through the colorful vintage houses. Built across the terrains takes us back from the tiring age of modern technology.

Clique Terre is the home of many famous coral hiking trails around the world. Some of them are listed below:

The Riomaggiore Ring Trail

This is trailing experience can be achieved through one of the most simple hiking that comes about forming a full circle from Riomaggiore to Riomaggiore. It is advised to take the hike up from the parking on the village towards the XI century parish church which presents a mind-blowing view under a gaudy ceiling.

The Corniglia – Manarola Trail

This trail through a small town of Volastra is famous as “Porcina”. The trail starts with steep paths of ascending steps with is the most point in this trail for the hikers. But once the hikers pass that point, the magnificent view of Corniglia will wait to engulf the hikers in its beauty before finally reaching the Volastra Sanctuary.

The Blue Path Trail

Spanning through a length of five villages, the “Sentiero Azzurro” or the blue path trail gives the hikers enough scope to enjoy hiking along with engulfing the rich heritage of the villages all along the way.

The Via Dell’amore

Spreading across from Riomaggiore to Manarola, this beautiful hiking trail is also known as “The Way of Love”. This trail is all along the coastline offering twenty minutes of romantic strolls in a perfectly paved pathway making it the easiest trail of Clique Terre. The atmosphere of this place is very romantic with interlocked heart over gates, benches, love sculptures all along the way leading to a little tunnel full of ‘love graffiti’.

Vernazza to Monterosso trail

This trail is the toughest of all in Clique Terre. Because of its winding paths coupled with unpaved rocky ways with a drop on one side and steep ascent or descent on the other. This northernmost trail of a 2-hour walk is the most adventurous journey. Hikers should be well prepared with water, good hiking shoes, and hiking sticks before starting this journey. The splendid beauty and vegetation of the place make it worthy of taking all the troubles.

Clique Terre is full of tourist throughout the year who go there to enjoy a beach vacation or swimming. Hence to enjoy the hiking at its best. The perfect time to go there is between April and May when the hikers won’t face any unwanted natural calamity sudden like rain or landslide.

But if the hikers want to go there in the offbeat season when the crowd would be less, then March and September to October would be a perfect time. Most of the hikers wait for this offbeat season to explore its beauty at complete peace.


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