The amazing art of the Italian Olive Oil

Olive Oil, a divine gift for our tables.

Italian Olive Oil has an undisputed tradition as one of the best Extra Virgin Oil in the world. The Ligurian and Lunigiana territory has a very long historical tradition in olive’s planting.

The cultivation of this balmy product dates back to the Roman Age. Two thousand years of history united by the same objective, to obtain a product of great quality with the utmost respect for the environment

Climate and soil plus the Mediterranean waters became the perfect components for gifting us of one of the most essential item of our food.

Olive Trees Over Vernazza

Much of the quality of DOP Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is due to the variety of plants, Taggiasca, Lavagnina, Pignola and other local varieties derived from the Frantoio variety.  Over centuries of adaptation to the area and climate of Liguria these variegated olive plants provide a product with low acidity, light fruitiness and a sweet sensation that enhances the characteristics of foods without decisively changing them.

Producing quality oil in Liguria is an art.

The archaeological remains of the Roman Villa of Varignano, in Portovenere

The remains of this ancient Villa, once private house and oil mill, document the first olive growing in Liguria, equipped with an oil mill, large deposits and embarkation docks.

Cinque Terre Riviera loves to spread the knowledge of this incredible product that represents the base for good and healthy cooking.

For this reason our guests always find in our apartments for rental a bottle of excellent local olive oil. There are many valid companies in the region, but our choice fell on LUCCHI & GUASTALLI. This company gives us with all the guarantees of creating unique products through the use of techniques with low environmental impact.

Lucchi & Guastalli, is the first company in Liguria to boast the Protected Denomination of Origin Riviera Ligure, – Riviera Ligure DOP olive oil. 

The company carries out cultural and training activities on olive oiltraining courses for tastersguided visits to the olive groves and the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, Doctor Agronomist, expert taster and panel leader of the tasting committee APOL of Genoa.

The Farm

Spread over about 8 hectares of olive groves located on terraced hilly terrain, the estate has several plots in the municipality of Santo Stefano di Magra (Lower Lunigiana). The company applies integrated phytosanitary defensive techniques with organic farming methods.

The Olive Variety Razzola

Razzola olive is the main variety of the DOP Riviera Ligure cultivated in the province of La Spezia. The plant has a gentle bearing and constant productivity. The fruit is medium in size and characterised by long scalar ripening. The oil obtained between October and November is characterised by a medium fruity aroma of the green type, sweet on the palate with an average spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste, enriched by sensory notes of artichoke and aromatic herbs.


The Oil Mill

The oil mill uses a modern two-phase continuous water-saving system. The processing takes place in the cold under reduced oxygen rates in order to preserve the quality of the Ligurian extra virgin olive oil . The by-products of olive oil are recycles: the woody seeds are recovered and used for heating as ecological fuel , while the pomace is initiated for the production of electricity at biogas plants.

The mill, located a short distance from the olive groves, lies near the ancient “Via Francigena”. During the visit to the plant, are described both the different stages of oil production, and the low environmental impact technologies that are used in the mill.

Cinque Terre  Riviera Oil Experience

Cinque Terre Riviera organises unique guided tours  to the “ecological” oil mill where visitors can learn  the secrets of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, through a tasting technique lesson. Different products are compared, to learn to distinguish a real quality olive oil from a poor quality oil, or a new oil from an old one, and so on. Experience soon online.

Lucchi & Guastalli Oils

The company, certified for the Riviera Ligure DOP olive oil and BIO production, makes different types of extra virgin olive oil: the precious Ligurian varieties – Razzola and Taggiasca

valued as DOP and monocultivar, or combined with the finest national varieties to give “olivaggi” (it means “cuts” of different varieties in the right proportion) with unique and engaging flavours and aromas.

The oils of Lucchi & Guastalli are perfect base ingredient for all the tasty recipes of the Ligurian menus: Pesto, Baccalà, Mesciua, vegetable pies, Fish preparations and much more.

And also starting element for creating amazing and delicious products that Lucchi & Guastalli company prepares and distributes all over the world such as Bruschettas Sauces, Stuffed Peppers, Pesto Sauce, along with artisan made local Pasta. properties for rental will be a great opportunity for tasting all these food items. Just ask for them before reaching the area or on arrival at check-in.