The 5 Terre and the sea

The 5 Terre and the sea

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Portovenere, Cinque Terre and the Islands are Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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Water is key element of the Cinque Terre Life!

The Cinque Terre and their waters, the Mediterranean sea, is the keyword of the entire region.

Locals’ life has always been joined with this natural element. It brigs life, it gives food and jobs, it gives flavours to the land products, it gives destructions and death. A holiday in the Cinque Terre will introduce you to the discovery of the mysterious and charming part of the sea in our lives.

Being a Cinque Terre villagers means being a swimmer and diver. Here the rocks towards Palaedo in Manarola.

In this picture a fisher in Monterosso

When in the Cinque Terre you can experience the sea as a loc al taking part to fishing adventure. You’ll be part of the Mediterranean waters and this will be the highlight of your holiday!

But the Cinque Terre villagers and visitors are also lover of waves during the tempest that breaks our rocks. Here waves over Vernazza pier.

The Cinque Terre villagers have small beaches, if we exclude Monterosso, and they love laying on the rocks for sunbathing. Here bathers in Manarola.

And water can, sadly bring also destructions and death as it happened on October 25, 2011. The disgraceful flood joining to a huge tempest coming from the sea hit the Cinque Terre Villages of Monterosso and Vernazza and totally destroyed their ancient nucleus.

Life goes on, though, and the villagers of this hard part of the Earth know how to recover fast and go back to their usual lives that keep on being joint to the sea and its amazing waters.

The sea brings also tourism to the area which is the most important economic factor for the region. Below images of the equipped beach of Monterosso.

And waters are also what makes our wines, our oil and our food so special.

The basil that grows in this area has a completely different taste from that one raised in other region of the world. That’s why our Pesto is so good! And you can discover the art of making it with a memorable experience you can have in Manarola.


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