The marina of this village appears as manifesto of the Cinque Terre in many ads and commercials all over the world. It is a bursting and lively place beloved mostly by youths .

Riomaggiore has an ancient past; according to the tradition, its origins go back to the Etruschi, who had to run away from Greece, because they were persecuted. The town is named after the channel that crosses it “rivus majorî” (today covered and running below the village main street). The hamlet was a part of the Marca Obertenga, like the neighbouring areas. Afterwards it went under the Luni Episcopate, and, then, was dominated by the Ripalta and Carpena Families. The first castle was built and the “Castellazzo di Cerricò” (there are  still remains), witnesses that Riomaggiore was probably a feud of the Della Turca Family in 1260. Later it passed under the Fieschi’s domination who gave it to Genova in 1276.

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