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All you need to know about the Cinque Terre, true and fine advice written and explained by the locals!

No second hand news, but FACTS, the real practical truth to live the place as a local and manage through trains, car parking spots, traditions, festivities, restaurants and food. All your questions will find and answer, just surf through our pages, but, if not, send us a mail and get further advice.

We love our land, you’ll love it, too!

How to Travel to the Cinque Terre

All you need to know to reach the Cinque Terre in an easy way Getting to the beautiful villas that populate the stunning coastline of Cinque Terre is not as difficult as you might think! We divided this simple guide in 3 parts to make easier for you to schedule your next holiday in Cinque […]

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Where to park in the Cinque Terre

Getting to Cinque Terre by car… Unless you’re on an Italy road trip or you’re a very skilled driver and your travel partners do not get car sick, well, we do not suggest taking this adventure! Honestly the roads to get to 5 Terre by car are absolutely breathtaking, a fun drive. They are a […]

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Where to stay in the Cinque Terre

Where to sleep in the Cinque Terre? Thankfully, you’ll not find big hotel chains in the Cinque Terre. We are talking about small villages, where it’s almost impossible to build more and to have large spaces so…where to stay? Private apartments, villas, room with en-suite bathrooms and B&B are the best solution for your stay […]

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Why renting a holiday home instead of a hotel room?

Living like a local There are several reasons that lead people to rent a private holiday home in Cinque Terre. One of the most common is that hotels are really a few in the area. It always happens in protected lands. Here new buildings cannot be added to the existing nucleus. History of Cinque Terre […]

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ATM machines and credit cards

How can you pay your services in the Cinque Terre? Cash is still pretty much loved by the Italians, so do not be surprised if a restaurant, a rental owner or a store asks for cash. But you can find ATM Machines all over in Italy, even in the small Cinque Terre villages. ATMs There are […]

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The best restaurants in Cinque Terre?

Restaurants make the great part of your Cinque Terre Experience. People who come to the Cinque Terre are amazed by the scenery, the trails, its beaches, and mostly of all, by the GREAT FOOD! But answering to “which are the best restaurants in Cinque Terre” is not easy. Our villages are so small and still […]

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10 rules to visit Italy & get the most

To visit Italy and enjoy it you need useful hints! Planning a trip to Italy, whether it’s your first time or one of many times you’ve ventured to the Mediterranean boot, presents so many options that you may find yourself puzzled or even a bit overwhelmed. What shall I see first? Where shall I stay […]

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From Florence to Vernazza by Train

All you need to know to reach Vernazza from Florence Some of you are flying into Florence or will be spending few days in Florence and will be transferring to Vernazza in the Cinque Terre by train. Here is a little guide to make it easier for you to get from Florence to Vernazza. The […]

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How to reach Monterosso from Pisa Airport

Want to reach Monterosso from Pisa? This is for all our guests who land in Pisa Airport (Pisa Aeroporto) and take the train to Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre. It’s going to be easy, you just have to know a couple of things. And if you don’t have yet a place to stay, check out our […]

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A romantic wedding proposal

Wedding proposal in Vernazza, Cinque Terre A Romantic Wedding Proposal in one of the most enchanted places on Earth, Vernazza A memorable and unique way to propose your love away from the crowd! Proposal at the Deck Setting: Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Gianni Franzi Deck. Month: September Time: an amazing sunset at 6:30 p.m. Characters: a marvellous young couple […]

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