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Top 10 sea views in the Cinque Terre

How to pick the best sea views? You are looking for a unique property to make your stay in the Cinque Terre so special? Do you want to surprise your holiday mates with the best sea views  of the riviera? Are you looking for the most stunning place to sip a glass of delicious Cinque…

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Why renting a holiday home instead of a hotel room?

Living like a local There are several reasons that lead people to rent a private holiday home in Cinque Terre. One of the most common is that hotels are really a few in the area. It always happens in protected lands. Here new buildings cannot be added to the existing nucleus. This adds a plus…

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Monterosso Lemon Festival, the event not to be missed!

The most brilliant event of the Season: Monterosso Lemon Festival This unique colourful event usually takes place Mid May, but this year, with exact date is still unknown and, if the Lemon Festival will take place, due to Coronavirus emergency, it will be postponed towards the Autumn. But this is the tradition, anyway: every year…

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Let’s go to Monterosso Anchovies Festival

Monterosso Anchovies Festival This is something! The real taste of Monterosso on all the village tables: fresh anchovies, that here are so delicious and special, cooked every style: fried, in tegame, marinated with lemon, on bruschettas with tomatoes! It is so fun strolling around and get this delicious food. One of the highlights of every season…

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5 Tips for a destination wedding in the Cinque Terre

Planning to have your wedding in the Cinque Terre? Your choice cannot be brighter than this, but follow these Top 5 Tips to get a sensational wedding in the most romantic Riviera on earth! TIP #1 – Carefully pick the right season: Pleasant months in terms of weather are May, June, September and the first half…

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Winter Holidays in the Cinque Terre

A selection of our videos for Winter Holidays in the Riviera

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History in the Cinque Terre – Convento dei Cappuccini

History plays a major role in the Cinque Terre.   The region does not only offer natural treasures and hiking opportunities. So many landmarks will transform our stay in the area into a unique cultural experience. Go deep into Monterosso and the Cinque Terre history visiting the Convent of the Cappuccini Friars. One of the places we cannot…

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Vendemmia a documentary film

  Vendemmia: a great movie on the “authentic” Cinque Terre. A few years ago Sharon Boeckle and Krista Lee Weller with Harvest Film company filmed in the Cinque Terre a movie project Vendemmia, a documentary film on the  efforts to balance environmental sustainability in the Cinque Terre with rising tourism and recent natural disaster. We at Cinque Terre Riviera…

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