How to reach Monterosso from Pisa Airport

How to reach Monterosso from Pisa Airport

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Portovenere, Cinque Terre and the Islands are Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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Want to reach Monterosso from Pisa?

This is for all our guests who land in Pisa Airport (Pisa Aeroporto) and take the train to Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre. It’s going to be easy, you just have to know a couple of things. And if you don’t have yet a place to stay, check out our amazing selection of holiday apartments and villas in Monterosso.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here is how you get from Pisa airport to Monterosso by train:

1. Get your Train Tickets at the Airport.

When you land in Pisa, there will be a Train Information Office window near the Arrivals Hall of the airport. From there, you can purchase your tickets to Monterosso or Levanto. You can also buy it online on Use the English version site to see specific train schedule, prices, and departure/arrival times.

Altogether, even if you will have to change in La Spezia, the trip will be smooth and fast, less than 2 hours

2. In case you did not buy your ticket in advance

just get the People Mover service directly at the ticket machine near the train platform
At less than 40 metres from the Passenger Terminal at the Pisa Airport, you can find the new, high-speed, fully automatic People Mover service for direct connections between the Pisa Centrale railway station and the airport. The service is available every day from 6:00 AM to midnight at 5/8 minute intervals.

3. When at Pisa Train Station

If you did not buy the tickets online or at the airport counter, you can still go to the Station Ticket office and buy them online. Of course we encourage you to plan your trip in advance (eventually considering flight delay times).

VALIDATE your train tickets before you get on board 

Remember, any time you take a train in Italy, you need to have it validated by the auto-stamping machine (usually a green squarish box, around the train platforms) before you get on the train.

Slide the ticket into the machine, you’ll hear it get stamped, and then take the ticket with you onto the board.

This is not requested for tickets bought online that bear the QR code.

The train stations has screens on the platforms telling you which track (“binario” in Italian) your train will be departing from.

4.  Once you reach Monterosso train station

if you don’t have yet a place to stay check our Monterosso vacation rentals or call our office, Cinque Terre Riviera, then take the stairs down to the main street.



Once you reach Monterosso train station, take the stairs down to the main street.  You will see the magnificent panorama of the village beaches in front of you and a promenade running along the beaches.

So depending on where you are staying, take  RIGHT towards Fegina area if you have to reach Villa Montale,  La Torre dei MerliLa Pavona, La Casa del Gigante, SciacchetràIl Giardino di Ada or Scimiscià). Take LEFT, towards the Centro Storico or Paese Vecchio (the old village) if you have to reach Picabon, Levre de Cuppi and Villa Tanca.

And if you need to reach the Village by car, no worries, please, follow our advice on our blog page dedicated to Cinque Terre Car Parkings.

Do not forget that booking direct is always the best way to get more assistance and best rates!


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