Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of Cinque Terre wines? In fact, we are thrilled to share with you our best recommendations for an unforgettable wine experience in this wonderful Territory. From fresh and aromatic white classics to refined reds, from fine dessert wines to unique tasting experiences, we have carefully selected a series of proposals that will surely satisfy your food and wine desires.

Get ready to let yourself be conquered by the millennial flavors and traditions of Cinque Terre wines, as we guide you on a journey through the wine excellences of this extraordinary land of sea and mountains.


The wines of the Cinque Terre embody an ancient tradition handed down through centuries of heroic cultivation on the famous terraces overlooking the sea. The millennial history of viticulture in this region has its roots since the fourth millennium BC, when the vine made its appearance in the eastern Mediterranean. Here, the impetuous winds, the blazing sun and the scarcity of water constantly challenge winemakers, who grow vines in a unique way: seated and protected by the famous dry stone walls. The wine-growing activity, very often, requires sacrifice and dedication. The grapes are harvested manually, on their knees, and transported for thousands of steps. It is from this effort that the Sciacchetrà is born, the jewel of the Cinque Terre, loved and sought after for its complexity and refinement.

In short, tasting the wines of the Cinque Terre means immersing yourself in a millennial history, savoring the fruit of the passionate and tireless work of local winemakers. Each sip reveals a unique combination of tradition and surprise, witnessing to the magic of a unique territory in the world.


Discovering some of the most appreciated wines of the Cinque Terre is not difficult if it is to accompany you on this path of knowledge we are from Cinque Terre Riviera. Are you interested in tasting a new local proposal or are you looking for a present to give to a loved one? We offer you here some products recommended by our Sommelier Yvonne:

DOC Cinque Terre Bianco Secco Cheo

DOC wine produced from Bosco, Vermentino and Albarola grapes. Straw yellow in color with slight greenish reflections, it is persistent on the nose, but also fine, characteristic, with hints of white flowers, iodine and citrus. In the mouth it is dry, fresh, very savory, slightly mineral, persistent, with a typical bitter-salso bottom.

Cinque Terre DOC Etichetta nera

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, clear and bright. To the smells it is presented with notes of Mediterranean scrub, of good intensity and persistence. On the palate it is soft and velvety at the entrance, while as the seconds pass it reveals all its sapid and mineral vein with a classic almond aftertaste.

Cinque Terre DOP

It is the wine that expresses the best qualities of the terroir of the Cinque Terre. Vines of Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grow between the minerality of the soil and the flavor of the sea air. Centuries of cultivation mean that numerous other vines are present in minimal percentages, giving rise to a white wine of character. aftertaste.

Vétua Vino bianco

Intense golden yellow color with crystalline reflections, intense minerality on the nose with hints of aromatic herbs, spices, hay, and citrus, on a fresh palate and with a distinct flavor.

I Magnati – Liguria di Levante passito rosso IGT

The method used to produce red passito is the same as the Sciacchetrà, the bunches of grapes are withered for about a month and then ped. Blackberry grapes are used, mainly cannaiolo and Sangiovese. Intense ruby red in color, with hints of berries, licorice and caramel.


The combination of Cantina Cinque Terre and wines then becomes even more intriguing and delicious when it comes to experiences in magnificent attractive settings. So how about a professional wine tasting in Manarola? You can immerse yourself in an unparalleled sensory journey through the finest Cinque Terre wines. Wrapped in the magical atmosphere of the ancient  Church of San Lorenzo, this experience offers you the opportunity to discover the food and wine treasures of the Cinque Terre.

With the expert guide of Ivonne, acclaimed sommelier and winner of the title of “Best Sommelier Ligurian” in 2012, you will have the opportunity to delight your palate with the best wines of Liguria, Italian and international. Ivonne will share her in-depth knowledge with you, accompanying you on a journey through the fascinating flavors and distinctive features of these wine excellences, all in a breathtaking setting. This is our proposal:

The experience in the vineyard

An exciting walk through the ancient vineyards of Manarola, led by an experienced sommelier who will reveal the secrets of local vines. The visit ends with the tasting of two wines from the Cinque Terre, accompanied by focaccia and olives.
Price: 65.00 euros per person

To find out where to pick up tickets and get more information about this extraordinary experience that combines Cinque Terre wineries and wines, CLICK HERE.