Visit Italy and enjoy it! Read these 10 useful hints


Planning a trip to Italy, whether it’s your first time or one of many times you’ve ventured to the Mediterranean boot, presents so many options that you may find yourself puzzled or even a bit overwhelmed.

What shall I see first?

Where shall I stay?

These are good questions, especially since there are so many things to do and to see in Italy.  In fact, if you’re tempted to try everything in one trip, criss-crossing and zig-zagging across Italy, you might unintentionally spoil the benefits of a holiday based around a few smart choices.

  • Know your interests

    You are a more "NATURE" type or "CULTURAL" type? Or SHOPPING is top of the list? You may also like to mingle all of them, of course, which is not so difficult in Italy, being a variegated country. We, at, can help you plan all the steps of your holiday and give suggestions on how to manage the things you’d like to do and see and use your time in the best way.

  • Airport Choice is important

    Pick the closest airport possible so to avoid costly and tiring transfers

  • Plan your trip well in advance

    best properties with views and comforts go fast!

  • Do not overstuff your visiting list

    If you plan to spend a week in Italy, please do not try to visit Milan, Lake of Como, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Lucca, Siena, Rome and Naples in one week!!! While it is tempting to see as much as possible, and distances are not all that long (say, compared to the United States or Australia), thousands years of culture and history fill major towns and tiny villages. So many places are filled with many monuments and churches, small and huge masterpieces, ruins and architectural wonders, paintings and sculptures, museums and small collections — time flies, and there will never be enough time in one week to do it all. We recommend a more balanced, more relaxed holiday!

  • Distances are important

    Before you plan your visit, check distances and how long it takes to reach Florence from Venice by train or if it is better reaching Cinque Terre by car or by train.

  • Select a few Spots if time is short

    Once picked the main theme for your holiday, if your time is short, just pick a few destinations and take day trips from there

  • Travels with Children

    If you travel with children, it will be useful to follow the easiest routes and avoid too many transfers between cities. Every check-in and check out is time lost that you might better use to more fully explore a city or to relax on a beach.

  • Choose a large apartment if you stay long

    Apartments for rental will offer you much, much more than a simple hotel room at approx. same price!

  • Ask a travel agent

    A local professional travel agent will always give you the best advice on the area where he/she resides and work!

  • Plan Experiences

    After reserving your property for rental, ask your travel agent to suggest best experiences and activities to be done.