Monterosso Anchovies Festival

Monterosso Anchovies Festival

Free Event – Monterosso 

This is something! The real taste of Monterosso on all the village tables: fresh anchovies, that here are so delicious and special, cooked every style: fried, in tegame, marinated with lemon, on bruschettas with tomatoes! It is so fun strolling around and get this delicious food.

Anchovies with tomatoes

Monterosso Anchovies Festival 2020 – dates still unknown – the Town Hall will publish them in Spring 2020

The Anchovies festival offer 2 events

1. FRIED ANCHOVIES FESTIVAL – usually mid-June

2. SALTED ANCHOVIES FESTIVAL – usually third week of September

Get your apartment in Monterosso to enjoy  the very best of these events




Both events are unique and a must to know one of the most tasty traditions of the region

Monterosso has so many things to offer and a stay in the village is always an opportunity for having fun

Book your stay in Monterosso in advance, especially when  events in the village are running.