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La Spezia San Giuseppe Fair 17-19 March

La Spezia San Giuseppe Fair 17-19 March

Free Event – La Spezia San Giuseppe Fair 17.18.19 March

Do not miss the largest Italian traditional San Giuseppe Fair in la Spezia. Three days full of fun right in the heart of La Spezia town with more than 6000 stalls selling all type of goods.


You can find here local food and specialties from other Italian regions, lots of cheap garments plus fashion brands.


You will feel like a true Italian at “La Fiera di Sand Giuseppe”. La Spezia celebrates its Saint Patron since memorable time with a huge traditional fair that spreads itself all over the town centre. The fair covers the area that goes from the promenade, Passeggiata Mori, to the entire surface of the town gardens.


Stalls selling any kind of goods: garments, toys, housewares and food!

La Spezia fair is an exciting way to view and taste the best local food specialties and to enjoy a great display of unique buying opportunities. Do not miss to eat a Porchetta Sandwich. It’s a must off the fair.

Tasty Porchetta Sandwich


La Spezia Fair History

The fair made its first appearance in 1654 when La Spezia obtained the permission to establish this event from the Republic of Genoa. The fair should promote and enlarge the citizens businesses. At the beginning the nucleus of the fair was in the area of San Agostino square and at the end of 1700 it lasted 5 days.
During fair days it was possible to sell good without paying the usual taxes to the Republic of Genoa, a concession very rare at that time, but now totally abolished, unfortunately, by the Italian and regional government.

The map of the fair

La Spezia Fair Today

Today the fair remains the most important traditional town event along with the Palio del Golfo, a rowing race that takes place every year on the first Sunday of August.

Book a property in the Cinque Terre and spend a day in La Spezia. It will be a memorable holiday, a rare day to be spent in La Spezia among locals and visitors from any part of the Region.
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