One day Bakery class in the Cinque Terre. Learn Bakery from top chefs of Italy in city of La Spezia

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Pastry & Chocolate Show Class in La Spezia

Pastry & Chocolate Show Class in La Spezia

Our gourmet and sweets fans will have a place to visit now when in the Cinque Terre.

Pasticceria Fiorini and Chef Baker David Meucci will be happy to host you and show you the secrets in cakes & chocolate making.

The Bakery or Chocolate Show Class

Location: La Spezia
Price: 120.00 euros per person 
Class Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes
Number of students: 2 minimum to 8 maximum
Booking Fee: 25.00 euros per party

The best pastry class in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Attend our Chocolate Show also.

Take one of our Pastry or Chocolate Show Classes and be delighted to learn the base for making Mimosa cake, Pan di Spagna,  Zeppole or Truffles and Chocolate candies.
Please, specify what type of class you would prefer at time of reservation: Pastry or Chocolate

Traditional Zeppole

Pastry Chef David will introduce you to the first step of our traditional bakery recipes or the basic in working chocolate. You will create delicious pieces of Italian bakery art.
At the end of session you’ll have time to relax and taste one of your products along with a cup of coffee or a cappuccino.

Pasticceria Fiorini is also a lovely place for tasting the very best of traditional Italian and local  bakery products.
You can find here tasty pasta frolla, pasta di mandorle, delicious croissants and bomboloni (donuts). Plus all the cakes of the Italian and International tradition. How can we describe their tarts, chocolate cakes, panettone and profiteroles, Saint Honoré, Meringata? You can’t but go and taste them!

Mimosa Cake


Pasticceria Fiorini was founded in 1955 in the same location we can find it now. Since then the family served many generations of Spezzini (la Spezia citizens) providing cakes and pastries for all they major family festive events. Fiorini cakes have been a must for christenings, first communions, weddings, diplomas, degrees and birthdays.
Once just a pastry store, it has lately become a caffetteria and lunch place and a pleasant location for an aperitif drink before dinner.


The Pastry Shop is right in La Spezia town centre, close to the ferry boat pier, the cruise ship pier and walking distance from La Spezia train station.
If you reach La Spezia by train from the Cinque Terre take a nice walk to this Bakery. You’ll have the chance to pass by the amazing and lively town centre of La Spezia till central Piazza Verdi. Museums and stores along your way and the lively town food market.
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