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Cinque Terre Riviera cares for the environment

Cinque Terre Riviera cares for the environment


We only have one world and we love it!

Cinque Terre Riviera cares for the environment. We live and work in a the Cinque Terre National Park and preserving nature adopting measure for a sustainable tourism is one of our  first commitments in managing directly our properties for rental.Our keyword is sustainable tourism.

Every choice we make in our daily actions is motivated by the intention to preserve our land and invite our guests in embracing our mission while visiting our amazing area.

Cinque Terre Riviera company provides a fully managed service for  the Cinque Terre owners wishing to rent out their property for short stays. Our company handles everything from housekeeping to maintenance while guests occupy homes and offer a unique guest support service in line with a five-star hotel concierge.

Here Cinque Terre Riviera key moves:

  • for laundry and cleaning we always choose biodegradable, plant-derived cleaning products that are good for homes and the environment. The use of Eco-label products  is also a priority requirement for our properties to be appointed by the National Park as a sustainable property
  • organically grown coffee pods where Nespresso machines are used. A more ecological Italian coffee maker is available anyway in most of our apartments.
  • a glass water  bottle with tap water is always supplied to guests, so to discourage use of plastic bottles 
  • offer to our guests accommodation taking part in the improvement of the local heritage by proposing typical products, like pasta, pesto and Taggiasca olives often offered as welcome baskets
  • top quality extra virgin olive oil by Lucchi & Guastalli premium local producer in all our properties with kitchen facilities
  • complimentary bottle of authentic DOC Cinque Terre wine for special events and anniversaries of our guests.
  • access to services dedicated to an authentic and in-depth knowledge of the territory, to the paths, and local traditions
  • respect of environmental sustainability and saving of energy and water
  • strict recycling rules in all the Cinque Terre Riviera properties
  • use of energy saving lamps and warm recommendations to guests to turn lights off when not necessary
  • regular cleanings of AC filters and warm recommendations to guests to wisely use the AC
  • warm recommendations to guests to reuse towels and do not abuse with unnecessary washings
  • use of refillable soap, shampoo containers in our properties bathrooms and ban of disposable miniature products

Most of our rentals have been enlisted among the accommodation suggestions of the National Park and other will soon join the program of sustainable tourism

Cinque Terre Riviera is definitely committed to lead the way in helping hosts and guests contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future.

This is our small way to help our planet be a better place to live on.


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