Beautiful Villages Cinque Terre - Cinque Terre Riviera

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Beautiful Villages of Cinque Terre

Beautiful Villages of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is in the Liguria Region, west of La Spezia. It is absolutely worth a visit. The small cliff towns, the hiking, the views, the ocean all make it memorable. In Villages Cinque Terre Many of these places have amazing small restaurants that have hometown cooking, pizza, salad, pasta, bread. Food you just can’t beat.

Cinque Terre Villages

The Cinque Terre Coastline

Cinque terre comprises of five villages which are about 10km distance from each other. They are very well connected by train and it’s better to use that instead of going on your own. Each village is different and beautiful. It has a beach in one of the village, so for that you may need 3-4 hours depending on your interest if you want to relax there. So walking and soaking beauty of 4 villages and relaxing on a beach in one village can be covered well in 2 days.

First day – You can plan 3 villages

Taking a walk and admiring the beauty of 2 villages

Relaxing on the beach and watching sunset in the second part of the day

Second day – other two villages could be covered.

Vernazza from the waters

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Why Cinque Terre?

Food is obviously amazing! The landscapes are beautiful. If you can go to Portofino too (is near Cinque Terre). A big advantage is that you can visit nearly all places in two days and then you can visit Florence, Pisa, Sienna. They are just a couple of hours by train!

The Ligurian coastline is spectacular! Cinque Terre is very accessible from Firenze, Milano, Massa Carrara, Torino Genova, of course. It’s a very unique part of the region. It is an ideal wedding destination. Cinque Terre Wedding Cost is affordable, and it will be a quaint

Villages Cinque Terre

experience; the villages have centuries of rich history. The houses are bright and colourful, however when you will go there, you can board a train or, as an alternative, take a ferry boat to get there. There are amazing hikes with brilliant views that link the villages together. It is on the whole a wonderful experience. Some of the villages have nice beaches, however Cinque Terre is very similar to the Amalfi Coast, in the south of Italy.

Villages Cinque Terre

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What time?

Mid September through mid October.  It was incredible.  The weather is pleasant, not too humid, not too hot.  The beaches are decent.  Not very crowded.  Is it the best time?  Yes, it is the best time for a wedding.

Cinque Terre Wedding Cost

The full wedding starting package starts from 500$. To this magical destination, where each part shouts amore, when are you planning your trip?

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