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Cinque Terre Walking Trail Map

Cinque Terre Walking Trail Map

Are you planning to go on some adventurous trip? Looking for places which are a complete balance of fun and peace? Is Cinque Terre Italy on your list?

Yes, Cinque Terre, better call it heaven on Earth, is a must visit place for you to truly enjoy nature. This is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is basically a group of five villages namely Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Along with this, it has a beautiful coastline and hillside, which make the whole Cinque Terre National Park. This is a must visit place for you.

As you reach Cinque Terre, going everywhere by any car etc. may make you face those car parking troubles which can be an interruption in your beautiful travel story. We would recommend you to cover this beautiful landscape by train and take day walking trips stepping on the Cinque Terre trails.

Cinque Terre basically consist of Blue and Red trails as you can very well notice in the

Cinque Terre Walking Trail Map

Cinque Terre Walking Trail Map

The Blue Trail is comparatively easy to hike but be advised that it is only open from Monterosso to Corniglia. The rest of the area can be visited on foot by walking along the Red Trail. Although, the red trails are a little difficult to hike but these remain functional even when the blue trails are under maintenance.

Hiking Cinque Terre Trail

  • Reading those Sign Boards may appear difficult to you if you are not from Italy. The word SENTIERO in the Italian language stands for Pathway. You will encounter this word very often, as you walk your way to Cinque Terre trail.
  • There will also be various signboards to warn you from all the probable dangers. If you don’t know the Italian language properly, download some good dictionary app in your Smartphone.
  • We would recommend you to better take a train to Cinque Terre from Italy so that you don’t have to stress yourself thinking about where to park your vehicles.

If you are visiting this place we hope that our suggestions to Cinque-Terre Walk will surely help you in exploring and to make maximum out of your first Cinque Terre trip.

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