From Florence to Vernazza by Train - Cinque Terre

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From Florence to Vernazza by Train

From Florence to Vernazza by Train


All you need to know to reach Vernazza from Florence

Some of you are flying into Florence or will be spending few days in Florence and will be transferring to Vernazza in the Cinque Terre by train.

Here is a little guide to make it easier for you to get from Florence to Vernazza.

The main train station in Florence is Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station.

To get to the train terminal from the airport, you can take a 15 minute taxi ride or take a bus that will take you to SMN train station.
The shuttle buses run every half hour.

Almost all of the trains to Vernazza will require you to get off and transfer at two stations.   The most common transfer train stations are PISA CENTRALE and LA SPEZIA CENTRALE.


How to get schedule and tickets

For TRAIN SCHEDULES and FARES, website (English version available), and use “Firenze (S.M. Novella)” as your departure station and “La Spezia Centrale” as your destination station.

Then you have to buy the Cinque Terre Express ticket from La Spezia Centrale to Vernazza.

There are automated ticket vending machines (payable by credit card) in the Florence train station, which you can use to purchase your tickets, but you can also buy them online in advance.

Copia di cinque terre express mappa

VALIDATE your train tickets before you board

Remember, any time you take a train in Italy you need to validate your ticket. There are stamping machine in all the stations and on the tracks (usually a green squarish box. Slide the ticket into the machine, you’ll hear it get stamped, and then take the ticket with you on board.


Prices: Range from 14 euros to 30 euros, depending on the train you catch.

Duration: Approx. 2:30 – 4:00 hours, depending on the train you catch.

When in Vernazza

Once you arrive in Vernazza train station, take the stairs down and you’ll be right in the main street.
Walking down the main street, via Roma, you’ll get to the main square, the one facing the sea in approx. 300mt.
If you reserved a room or an apartment with us in Vernazza, look for our office Cinque Terre Riviera . We are located 60 meters after the train station stairs on the left side.

Vernazza at sunset

Train is always the best way to reach the Cinque Terre, but if you need to reach Vernazza by car, please, read, our blog post page on car parkings.


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